Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) for Cholbe.com mobile recharge service.

What is the benefit of Cholbe.com mobile recharge?

A : Cholbe.com online recharge is safe & easy to recharge any operator number in simple steps. Simply choose your payment method, enter your details and click OK. You can use a local or international Debit or Credit Card & Mobile Banking to pay online using Walletmix Gateway.

How do I Recharge on my number?

A : By following below mentioned process, you can purchase recharge on your mobile.

  • At the mobile recharge entry page, you have to select your desire amount for mobile recharge & input your mobile number by selecting number type (Prepaid or Postpaid)
  • After you select continue, you must give your name, email, address (For first time only). it will take you to the payment confirmation page
  • After transaction is successfully completed, you will be received an invoice in your email. A confirmation SMS will be sent to the recipient mobile number about the recharge from the telecom operator

Is there any time limitation to recharge in same number?

A : Yes, Please Wait at least 5 minutes to recharge in same number

How can I make payment?

A : You can use a local or international Debit or Credit Card & Mobile Banking to pay online using Walletmix Gateway.

How can I get a refund?

A : Any online Recharge purchased using Cholbe.com is not returnable. Your payment is only refundable in the condition that the payment was successfully debited by your bank or payment processor but service has not been provided. If payment is debited and service is provided, there is no refund.

Are there any additional bank charges?

A : There is no additional bank charge for recharging through cholbe.com

If I face any problem to pay with my card, how can I contact with my bank?

A : If you are not able to pay with your card, please contact with your respective bank to find out whether your card is enabled for online e-commerce transaction. You can request your bank to enable it for transaction by contacting with your respective card issuer banks.

Uses of Contacts, Customer Numbers

A : Walletmix can use customer numbers for promotional purpose of walletmix sevices but can not sell data, transfer data, share any data with any party.

What do I do if there is any emergency to contact with Cholbe team?

A : Please raise a support ticket (Highly appreciated) from our website or call us at +8801633276579, +8801872625963